Introduction[edit | edit source]

Name : - Rohit Bhatt

Date Of Birth: - 14/12/1998

City:- Dungarpur

Company: - Wikiment

Designation: - Founder

Website: - , ,

Contact Details: -

Social Accounts: - LinkedIn , Facebook Page , Instagram , Twitter

About Rohit Bhatt[edit | edit source]

Rohit Bhatt was born on 14-December-1998. His father's name is Madan Lal Bhatt and his mother's name is Mrs. Maya Devi Bhatt and His Brother Name is Parth Bhatt.

Rohit Bhatt is a young dynamic entrepreneur, a popular writer and an SEO expert. Rohit Bhatt published his first poetry book "Chand Alfaaz" through Notion Press Publishing House on 05-10-2020.

He published the first blog in the year 2015 and started his journey to become a writer.

In this journey, he faced many problems and went through many ups and downs of life and towards the end of 2018, to give a new direction to this journey He started their words writing as a poetry, and finally in the end of the year 2019 he started writing the book "Chand Alfaaz" and now it was published in the end of the year 2020.

About Book "Chand Alfaaz" [edit | edit source]

Rohit Bhatt is the Author of the Book Chand Alfaaz, in the book you can read more than 50+ amazing Poetry which is originally written by Rohit Bhatt.

Writing this book was Rohit Bhatt's dream and the writing of this book started at the end of 2019.

He faced a lot of problems in writing and publishing this book but he did not give up and eventually got it published at the end of 2020 through Notion Press Publishing House. The Books is currently available only and only on Amazon India.

"Chand Alphaz" Every word in this book has been written very beautifully, and it has also been tried that every word written in this book reaches the heart of every person who reads Sher-o-Shayari or Ghazal Are very keen on. Because every Poetry written in it is related to some person, thing or place.

Education & Career[edit | edit source]

In 2015, Rohit Bhatt enrolled in B.Sc Computer Science and got some backlog in the first year and second year due to some reasons, after which he left it. 

In 2016 he started learning SEO with the Help of YouTube and Some Industry Experts after that in Januray 2017 he started Career as a free-lancer and then in 2018 he get a awesome offer by one of the company in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India so he Joined that company, and gained some experiance and Knowledge and finally in 2020 he Started his own company. And also Published the first book called "Chand Alfaaz"

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